About Courses and Registration

Holistic Health School and Courses

Our Mission: "Teach, coach, and assist in the learning process of natural self-healing" 

About training courses,

  1. You will receive a private study certification for training hours.
  2. We assist you to get your practice starting by helping you to obtain your Certified Degree & Liability Coverage from ABMP (Asociation of Bodywork and Massage Professionals: visit abmp.com)
  3. Enjoy your new career and healthier life.

Registration forms: 

  1. Read the Holistic Health Study Program to become a Health Coach
  2. Read the Shiatsu Therapy Course Program to become a
    1. Massage Practitioner - Register; or
    2. a Certified Massage Therapist - Register

Depending on the course you are selecting, it will be required attendance to some or all of the following:

  1. Holistic Cooking Classes Program - Register
  2. E.N.T.E.R. Program (Endocrine-Nervous Tracks Exercise for Reprogramming) - Register
  3. Wild Herbs Course Program - Register
  4. Yoga Master Course Program - Register
  5. Attendance to private sessions to learn self-healing practices through your own personal health issues is required as part of the curriculum for the class. These sessions might include:
    1. Water Therapy Sessions, Shiatsu Therapy Sessions as part of a personalized Health Coach Program for Self-healing - Make an appointment
    2. Emotional Therapy Program - Holistic Counseling sessions for Self-healing - Make an appointment
    3. Weekly Yoga Classes for Health