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Geometric Yoga Classes for Self-Healing, Regeneration & Genetic Transformation

Geometric Yoga is a the knowledge of yoga adapted to our society and ways of living. Stretching, breathing, attention and relaxation are the four golden rules of this practice. Balancing postures help coordinate the right and left sides of the brain and other postures tone the organs, help move the blood, cleanse and regenerate cells using oxygen through breathing and relaxation.

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How to Optimize your Yoga and Bodywork Sessions

Combined bodywork sessions helps optimize health benefits

We encourage you to try and see what the experience is when you combine therapeutic sessions after a yoga bodywork session. Our experience is that In doing so, you can bringing relaxation and detox to a deeper  level, making it much more benefitial by helping you achieve results faster.


My personal experience with yoga (35+ years) is the understanding of the possibilities in the practice of this discipline. Yoga is the base of martial arts, dance, and of all bodywork in the east and the west.

Yoga is the ABC of all bodywork disciplines. When you know the ABC’s you have more possibilities,  you can make words, and phrases; I understood that this was a basic approach to learn yoga.

In my personal case, self-healing is the main target of the exercises. The exercises are a consequence of 3 main disciplines or rules:

Then, comes the postures.

Postures are the external part of the inner-work of yoga. I want to remind you that yoga is a inner work. This inner-work is self-knowledge through the exercises. The develop of the potentials after self-knowledge based on the work of the limitations -coming from self-knowledge-, this means the exercise is not the destination, the exercise is the tool for the destination, the exercise is like the car and yourself is the destination, and is important not to confuse the car with the destination.

These exercises they try to be the most real interpretation of the real yoga, which was designed for consciousness, self-healing and the development of the human potentials. You have a light, and this light is the light that give you the possibility to see everything around to you, this light is coming from in to out, is the light that makes your life and sees your life -the light don’t come from outside-, is produced, created and projected from your heart, from inside -deep inside to you towards outside- and your eyes, see through this light. Yoga is the development of this light, the education of this light, the conscious of this light, the will in this light, the unity in this light and oneness with the main light.”

A Good Yoga Meditation uses all of our rules combined: Attention, Breathing, Relaxation, and Streatching. From the video above, a yoga meditation just for you:

"Attention in all directions.
Breathing, conscious breathing, attention in the breathing, connecting the breathing with the present and the present with the breathing, and
Relaxation, and the use of relaxation for increasing Streatching, breathing and attention."

by Horacio Roa (35+ years teaching yoga)

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